Your Bicycle Basics Guide

No matter what type of cycling you are into, there is the perfect bicycle somewhere out there just waiting for you.

If you like to ride for pleasure, then a vintage bike or hybrid bike will be the answer for you. Vintage bikes are built for comfort with nice thick seats and handle bars that allow you to ride upright. The mud guards allow you to ride through puddles without getting any water on your clothes. There is also a carrier rack for your luggage.

A hybrid bicycle is designed especially to fit your specifications. They can be made for comfort or rough terrain. You can get them with high or low handlebars and a lot of choices when it comes to attachments such as gears, different seats and carrier racks.

Tikit bikes are great if you use your bicycle for commuting purposes. Tikit bikes are bicycles that fold up and this makes them easy to store, as well as carry around. You could for instance ride to the train station, fold the bike and take it on the train with you, and on the other side just unfold the bike and carry on riding to your destination. Tikit bikes can be folded and unfolded in about ten seconds and they are very light weight and easy to handle.

A racing bike is the choice of cyclists who cycle to win. Racing bicycles normally have the characteristic curled under handle bars to enable the rider to ride well forward for more aerodynamics and speed. These bikes are normally high performance, light weight and built for speed.

If you are a cyclist who likes to do tricks, then the unicycle or flatland bike will suit you perfectly. Flatland bikes are very popular for doing tricks and entering competitions. The BMX is the best known flatland bike, but there are many other makes available.

The unicycle is also used for performing tricks on. These are the one wheeled bicycles that one normally sees the clowns riding at the circus. Lately, the unicycle is used for sporting activities. There are events and competitions hosted in many countries to showcase unicyclist tricks and although this is the hardest bike to master, it has become a very popular sport over the years.

If you like bicycles that are designed for comfort and speed, you will enjoy riding a recumbent bike. These are most popular as exercise bikes at the gym, but are available as road bikes. Recumbent bikes have a seat with a back rest that allow the cyclist to sit back in a reclined position while riding. Recumbent bikes can be two or three wheeled and are normally quite low on the ground. For this reason, it is not a good idea to ride them in peak hour traffic.

Whatever bicycle you choose, you are certain to find one to suit you.