What Age Should You Introduce Your Kids to Ride a Bicycle?

One of the questions that sometimes nag at the back of the minds of parents is when to introduce their kids to a bicycle. It is without question that the kids have to learn how to ride the bike at some point in their childhood but as parents, it is sometimes difficult to see your kid falling off from a bicycle while learning how to ride it. On the other hand, you might be depriving your kid of the ability to discover the proper way to ride it while they are still at a young age. So what age should you introduce your kid to a bicycle? Well, although there is really no magic age where they must be able to acquaint themselves on how to ride a bicycle, a lot of studies have shown that the earlier they get to study how to ride a bicycle, the better it will be for them.

The bicycle, though you may view it as a simple and ordinary plaything for kids, is actually a tool to build their self-confidence. Imagine them trying to learn how to ride a bicycle and actually falling over several times, and contrast that with the final day where they already could balance themselves on two wheels. You definitely will see that unusual sparkle in their eyes with matching priceless smiles as if calling your attention and proudly declaring that they can ride a bicycle fine.

Although most parents would want to start teaching their kids how to ride a bicycle as soon as they are four or five years old, there are some parents who prefer to introduce bicycles to their kids earlier than that or just a year after they have learned how to pedal a tricycle. If you have a kid that you think would benefit a lot by learning how to ride a bicycle at an early age, then you can start by teaching him the basics of riding a bicycle. Just make sure that you will be teaching him in a secure place, preferably your backyard if you have adequate space, or in fenced play areas at the park, where he would be safe from the danger of oncoming vehicles.

Try to sit him at a bicycle and with you holding one end of the handlebars and the back of the bicycle seat, try to roam him around a little bit just to let him get the feel of a bicycle. Even with training wheels attached at the rear wheel, some kids are still too afraid to ride a bicycle, particularly if they see that it is very much different from the tricycle that they are used to pedaling around. After they had gotten the feel, let them roam around with the training wheels still attached. Once you see that they have learned how to balance their body properly on a bicycle, detach the training wheels and assist him further until he learns how to really ride it well.