Use Your Childhood Experience of Learning to Ride a Bicycle to Help You to Succeed With Dating

This week I want to discuss your childhood days when you were first learning how to ride your bicycle.

So, you may be wondering why learning how to ride a bicycle has anything to do with meeting, attracting, dating, and seducing single women. Well, it is related and I’ll explain why:

Remember when you got your first bicycle for Christmas or your birthday? You were so excited and you could hardly wait to ride it.

So, when you were first learning to ride it, you would lose your balance and fall off your bicycle. Sometimes you would skin a knee or elbow. But, this would not deter you. You would get right up and jump on your bicycle again. No matter how many times you fell off your bicycle you would get right back up and try again until you mastered riding a bicycle. You didn’t give up. You didn’t just say to yourself, “The heck with this, this is too hard, I give up!” No, you stuck with it because your were bound and determined to learn how to ride your bicycle. A few setbacks did not deter you. You were determined to succeed and you did.

And, let this childhood experience help you succeed with single women. Just like in dating and riding a bicycle, you will fail a few times. But, you keep trying until you get it right and master the art of succeeding with women and meet the woman of your dreams.

And just because you fail a few times with women, you just don’t give up hope and quit. Just like when you were learning to ride your bicycle, you didn’t just give up. You kept trying until you got the hang of it and you could keep your balance and steer it.

Well, I hope this article helps you develop a new positive outlook on the times that you have trouble doing better with women and the dating game. Just go back in time when you were first learning to ride your bicycle. Remember how determined you were to succeed and apply this same philosophy to your dating life.