Tips to Keep Your Bicycle in Optimal Condition

Bicycles have been used for centuries as a mode of transportation. Throughout history it underwent various changes including parts such as the metals being used. Bikes differ in the way they are used as they can be ridden for sporting, commuting, traveling and climbing rough roads. While using bikes, several damages may happen to them so bicycle maintenance must be done by both a novice and a professional cyclist.

Every biker needs his bicycle to be at its optimal condition. Accidents are avoided with well-conditioned bicycles as the well-maintained bikes offer comfort for the rider. Taking care of the bikes would not be that hard even though the complexities of present bikes require detailed attention for an efficient ride.

Buying a portable tool kit would ensure that the bike can be repaired during emergencies. The kit must contain pliers, lubricant, a small hammer, multi tool, cable cutters, pliers, chain tool and screwdrivers. Portable air pump must also be present in the kit for emergency tire pumping. Some bicycle makers even advise to provide a torque wrench for the nuts and bolts adjustment in the bike.

Routine check-up must be observed to keep the bike at its top caliber performance. While being used, the chains may get dirty and rusty that may hinder the proper rotation of the gears. The great solution to rust and dust build-up is to use a screwdriver to scrape them off and use a clean cloth to put the oil on the chains. Other chain problem such as a dry chain may break easily once used due to friction. It needs lubrication to smoothen its use. Hard link chain must be checked and a special tool is required to fix it. Next, check for the brake pads if it’s aligned to the rim for proper working and brake levers must be easy to squeeze. If brake levers are hard to squeeze, apply some lubricant and adjust the screw. Check if the screws are well-attached on the brake pads to ensure their proper performance.

Afterwards the tires must be examined for scratches and other damages as they may cause flatness. Use an air pump immediately before riding the bicycle as firm tires work well and flat tires will just cause wobbling movements and accidents later on. The wheels must also be checked for damages as they also affect the bike movement.

Any cyclist needs bicycle maintenance as the primary priority for a smooth and comfortable cycling. It doesn’t matter whether the bike is cheap or expensive as long as it is used regularly, maintenance must be practiced.