This is How to Properly Measure Your Bicycle For a Comfortable Ride

I will be discussing how to measure a road bike frame as a mountain bike frame differs when measuring. It is important to properly measure yourself and the bicycle for a proper fit. This will allow for a comfortable ride when going long distances. Be aware there are many different methodologies for bicycle measurement that are too in-depth to go into here. I will be explaining the most common and simplest way to measure for your bicycle. It is always best to consult a bike shop as most shops will gladly measure you for the correct fitting bicycle.

Top Tube Length

The top tube is the tube running from the handlebars to the bicycle seat. I suggest measuring everything in centimeters as this is the standard for road bikes but keep in mind there are always exceptions where you will run across some older bikes listed in inches. Using a hard measuring stick, measure from the welds on both ends of the tube, take notice to be as precise as possible. If you have a longer upper body and arms you will want the top tube length to be extended.

Down Tube Length

The down tube is the tube running from the handlebar to the pedels. Again measure from the welds at both ends of the tube.

Seat tube Length

The seat tube is the tube running from the seat to the pedals. Notice this is the length that is given for bicycle sizes [] for most manufactures of road bikes. Again there are always exceptions which is why it is a good idea to always measure the bike for yourself and always road test your bike before purchasing your bicycle. If you have a longer lower body and legs, you will want the seat tube length to be extended.