Ride Your Bike in a Skirt

Everybody knows that when you ride a bicycle, you should wear pants and T-shirts, of course, that if you don’t have some special equipment to wear when going on a ride. However, people have thought that women also have the right to dress up however they want when they go riding, therefore, they could also wear a skirt.

There have already been a few discussions and a few actions to encourage this idea. One of them is SkirtBike, an action initiated by VeloBello, which focuses on personal independence and self-confidence in your own abilities and the advantages that riding a bike can have with women and their personality. These actions have become very popular and have always had a lot of participants, mainly because they offer a new perspective on what sports and leisure time should look like when it comes to outfits and freedom.

These actions are all organized in a free spirit, treating their participants in the best way possible, with cookies, coffee, juice and the weather always seems to be on their side. Also, such events represent a perfect occasion for the participants to receive different gifts from the organizing company.

This is also an opportunity for women to experience new things, such as how it feels to be feminine when riding a bike and how it feels to ride a bicycle wearing a skirt, which is not necessarily very comfortable. Therefore, if you are a woman and you are tired of wearing training pants, you should really adopt this idea and feel good in your shoes wherever you are and whatever you do.