Pay a Lot of Attention When You Ride Your Bike

A lot of people talk about being safe when riding a bicycle, especially when it comes to kids, who don’t know too many things regarding this topic. Our kids start pedalling earlier and earlier. For instance, any parents wouldn’t allow their children to cross the street on their own when they are three, four or five, but they allow them to ride a bicycle although they obviously don’t have the necessary ability to understand and obey all the safety measures.

In the past, children under six years old would only ride tricycles and would stay in a certain perimeter or on the side walk. Today, they ride kids bicycles on the streets without being supervised and without taking all the necessary safety measures. You have probably seen little kids riding bicycles in the middle of the street without being afraid of the cars around them. Sometimes, these kids don’t even wear a helmet.

The most important safety rule when it comes to bicycles and the kids riding them is to wear a helmet. These can help you prevent head injuries, which can lead to serious brain damage and even to dying. It is very easy for the child to make a mistake when they are not attentive and they can fall off their bicycles. It is not essential that they don’t wear any protecting material for their knees and elbows and that they come back home all hurt and scratched, but they risks are a lot higher when it comes to helmets and the injuries they can prevent.

Spain, for instance, introduced a law which is addressed to motorcyclists and to those who ride scooters, but which also has an effect on cyclists. According to this law, the bicycles are confiscated if the rider doesn’t wear a helmet.