How to Ride Your Bicycle Safely After Dark

While most people can ride in the afternoon or evening or Saturday Mornings when it is daylight due to my schedule I often have to get my riding time in before daylight. This means that I am often riding in the early morning hours and before it get light or as it is getting light. Riding at night is considerably different than riding in the daytime though there are some things that never change.

When I ride at night I take numerous precautions that I do not feel would be needed during the daytime hours. I have two small battery operated lights that are attached to the handlebars on my bike. I have devised a small dashboard for my bike which I made from a piece of PVC tubing and is held on by cable ties. These are removed when I race, but I leave them on for training. I also have a flashing blinkie light on the seatpost that is programmable.

I put Nu-Tech tires on a while back so I no longer have the lights that I used to have on my valve stems, because I no longer have valve stems but that is a subject for another article.

At night the idea for a cyclist is to be seen and to be able to see. To make sure I am seen even if I am not on the bike and that I can see whether or not I am on the bike I have a bike helmet light that attaches to my helmet in the front and lights up an area in front of me with a white light and I have a red triangle light on the back of the helmet. You can see pictures on my MySpace page.

At Caroline’s Ride in August 2009, I was the ride director and one of the vendors and sponsors was Joe Mizerek of Road Guardian out of Tallahassee Florida. Joe furnished me another device that makes me more visible. The device is a bright yellow reflective vest with a round circular light in the center of the back. The light starts in the center circle that resembles a target and progressively works it way toward the outside of the circle. Works great I get a lot of comments when I ride into WalMart at 5:30 AM.

I have also gotten comments from motorists that it was easy to see me or something to the effect: you really want to be seen, don’t you?

If you ride at night you really do not have to do all that much to make your bike and you safer and you more easily visible. The law in almost every state requires that you have a white light on the front of your bike that is visible by oncoming vehicles for at least 200 feet. The law in most states also requires that you have a red reflector on the rear of your bike. Georgia law also requires that you have reflectors on your pedals.

Note also that you will probably want to ride a little slower when it is dark outside, you can come up on something fairly dangerous pretty quickly at 15 plus MPH. You may scare and animal and it attack you because it feels threatened. You may not see something in the road that causes you to fall or could damage you bicycle.

So when you ride after dark, at night or early in the morning take precautions to be seen, be able to see and slow down, be safe not sorry.

How To Choose The Right Bicycle Accessories That Will Make Riding Your Bike Fun And Safe

If you like riding your bike then you know it’s hard to ride without the best accessories. Especially when you know a lot of the best accessories out there are for safety as well.

The one bike accessory that you will always need to wear and own is the bike helmet. A lot of states have made riding without one illegal. So you should wear one anyways to be on the safe side.

Also when you are taking a little bike trip on the road you need to be motorist friendly. Even though a lot of drivers are good ones there are bad and you are also on a bike. Accidents happen and you can’t stop them so do the right thing and just wear a helmet.

Another thing that is bad to do when riding your bike is to take a ride at night. The best thing that you can do to protect yourself if you are going to ride at night is to buy some type of light source or reflectors for you and your bike. So people can see you at night when you ride.

Something else you can buy is reflector striped shirts or pants possibly. So when you ride at night when you move your legs and arms the reflectors will shine off the lights of the cars and you will be seen and not road kill. You can probably buy any type of light or reflector source at any bike shops near you.

Another accessory that you can add to your bike can be lights to the handle bars or to the back of your seat to shine and show others you’re on the road too. When you get rained on or you are going on an early morning ride and there is fog lights will help you in some way. Some you can buy can be attached to where they can’t ever come off others you can get that are detachable and you can bring with you where ever you go.

The other good bike accessory to have is a horn. This is so if some bad driver is swerving you can honk. I would recommend and air horn of some type something that is really loud and will get the attention of the driver.

Bike accessories can be a very good way to upgrade your bike. There are also the things that you will need anyways to ride like mentioned the reflectors, lights, light clothing as well will always help, and remember to wear your helmet. These are the things that you need to buy and remember to do when you go riding whether it be at night or during the day.

Keeping a Happy Marriage Can Be Just Like Riding a Bicycle

For those of us who have been married for a long time, we are obviously used to the fact that we have this other person to cherish and provide for, but as time passes, what can we do to keep the relationship a happy and loving one, which will still also be a lot of fun? Well, a happy marriage can be compared to riding a bicycle, and while this may seem odd to you, here I’ll explain why.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to compare your husband or wife to an old bicycle, well maybe a little, but just as you would look after your bike as it ages, so you must take extra moments to show your loved one that you care. Here are a few pedals that you could turn:

Riding a bicycle is the most natural of tasks to undertake, once your mom or dad has taken off the stabilizers of course. You just zoom off, then there’s no stopping you. That is the same when you first get married, it’s such a wonderful feeling, the honeymoon, being together and then you are both on your way to ride into the sunset of marital bliss. So, for your relationship to remain exciting, keep in your thoughts when you first learned to ride, and equate it with when you first wed. The next step is for you both to think about where you are now and how far you have advanced. This thought will re-affirm your love for each other and should also bring a smile to your faces, just like when you were kids.

Have a tune up once in a while. When you feel a little lacklustre, it may be time to organise a break away, or a change of scene. Just like oiling your bicycle chain, a trip away or a treat will loosen you and your partner up and stop the rust from setting in. When you return, you will feel relaxed and in a better position again to cope with the daily routine, with that renewed gusto.

Change gear if you are fighting an uphill battle. As you would move into an easier gear on your bicycle to get up that hill, so change to a lighter approach if you can sense a bit of tension building up between you and your loved one. Arguments aren’t pleasant, and by adopting a lighter attitude, you may avoid the hump and be able to sort out any issues a lot more quickly. If you remember to take this approach it should definitely help, as once the problem is sorted, it’s all free-wheeling again.

Have spares just in case. As you will need to regularly replace the tires on your bike over the years, so will you need to have back-up plans in your marriage, to keep it happy and tickety-boo. You may wish to put away some cash for a rainy day, set aside a budget for a special gift, a meal out, or try and set yourself the task of drawing up a list of things that your partner loves. Then you can treat them to each item or occasion one at a time. This will keep your marriage interesting and fun. Don’t forget the romance too, incorporating that loving feeling is important, so why not fall in love again? A special romantic gesture will always be well received. Remember then to keep spares, little treats for your better half.

Why You Must Buy A Bike Lock For Your Bicycle No Matter Where You Live

When you buy a new bike lock you need to buy the one that is going to guarantee that your bike will not get stolen it is better to have a bike than have to walk. It does not matter how often you ride your bike or how you ride your bike you are always going to need a bike lock if you go some where in public with your bike. If you’re going to the store real quick someone who needs a new bike only needs a minute to steal your bike while you’re inside the store.

This crime happens everywhere. Even though New York has the most number of bikes stolen every town and small city will have its bike stealers. There are all kinds of bikes that can be stolen from a thousand dollar race machine to a junky bike just needed by someone to make it home. Some thieves will steal the bikes to sell them and get money for your bike. Maybe a thief just needs a ride to get somewhere and he needs your bike and you are not watching it at the time. If you have a cheap lock on the bike the thief could pick it or clip it.

If you have that cheap lock and it has been working for you your day may soon come. You need to buy a lock that is going to make sure that your bike is safe. You can buy any kind of lock. You will need something that will have some sort of key not a combination as someone with a good bit of luck could just say, “oh lets try it just for a second”, and might pick your lock and steal your ride.

Chain locks are the other really good type of lock. They can be very heavy and a thieve wont think about clipping the chain it will probably make a lot of noise and also probably wont be worth going to jail or getting beat up over. The bigger locks that are out there on the market will help you with securing your bike though and companies like bell will make a good lock for you. If you buy the right bike lock then you will be able to ride anywhere you want and be able to lock it up anywhere you want without it getting stolen. That’s the last thing you would want to happen as you ride up to the store for a soda is to walk out and see your bike gone when you could have just bought a lock for your bike. So do the right thing for your ride and buy the lock so it doesn’t get jacked like all your other bikes did.