How To Protect Your Bicycle From Theft

When you are riding your bicycle around town, you always are a bit worried about it being stolen. You do not want to walk away from it for a few minutes and then find that your bike is no longer there. Below we will discuss what you can be doing that will help you keep your bicycle from being stolen as easily.

The first thing you need to do is get a proper lock. Without a lock, your bike will be stolen very quickly especially if you are riding it each day. Make this small investment to give you some peace of mind.

The best thing that you can be doing to help you make sure your bike is not the one that gets stolen is to follow a simple trick. Be sure that you always lock your bike up a little bit better than the others around it. The bike with the weakest security is the one that is normally stolen. Make sure yours is locked up better.

Take part of the bike with you if it is necessary. Some will remove the seat, handlebars, or other part of the bike so that it will not function while locked up. This might seem a bit extreme, but it will help your bike stay in place much more often.

Scrape off any name brand decals on your bicycle or at least cover them up. Criminals look for name brand bikes since these are worth more. If it is hard to tell your bike has any value, it won’t be stolen as often.

For riding around town each day, consider buying a less expensive bike. The cheaper your ride is the less likely it is that you are going to have problems with it being stolen from where you parked it last.

Register and tag your bike with your local community. Many thieves know that these types of bikes are more likely to be tracked if they were stolen. It is a deterrent to keep your bicycle from being taken.