How to Maintain Your Bicycle

If you maintain your bicycle regularly, it will stay in good condition for a longer time. Check on your bicycle before each ride. This is mainly to ensure your safety while riding.

You do not have to master special bicycle maintenance techniques or obtain special tools and equipment to keep your bike in good shape. You only need a few wrenches and some oil to lubricate your bike. You just need a little determination and your natural passion for bikes in order to understand and perform the simple procedures.

Here are some simple bicycle maintenance methods.

1. Check if your tires are inflated properly. To do this, use a pressure gauge. You should know the air pressure suited for your bike. Most tires have numbers printed on one side. Do not over bloat, otherwise spokes might break and rims might crack. Giving less air on the other hand is not also advisable because it will wear the rims which will consequently make riding ineffective.

2. Check on your chain. To check if it is performing well, pedal backward. If it squeaks or resists in any way, it might be because of some accumulated dirt and grease. Clean your chain with isopropyl alcohol and a rag or toothbrush. You also need to lubricate it using bicycle oil or any edible oil. Never use motor oil.

3. Check your shifting gears. Ride your bicycle and check if it shifts properly.

4. Check on your bike frame. Look for any signs of corroding. If you see a rusty spot, rub it steel wool.

5. Check on your brakes. Make sure that the brakes are properly functioning. It should be able to stop your bike fully. Moving the brake pads closer to the wheels might solve any problem. You can do this by rotating the adjuster barrel. You can also ask a mechanic if you need to replace your cable or brake pads.

6. Check on your wheels. When you spin them, make sure they do not rub against something like the brake pads or the frame. The spin should be smooth and without any odd sound or noise. In case the wheels rub against the brake pads, make some adjustments on the pads so they will stay away from the wheel. But if you have a bike with disc brakes, you do not have to worry about this matter. Also, check it there are things stuck in your tires. These could be stones, sand, metal pieces, or even nails. You could use something pointed to get rid of them.