How to Keep Your Bicycle Safe From Thieves

When you commute or ride your bicycle, there is a constant fear of having it stolen by someone. This is mainly due to the fact that bicycles are so much easier to steal than a car. You have to watch out and prepare to make sure that you can keep yours safe. There are things that you can do that will help you make sure your bicycle doesn’t get stolen as easily.

If you do ride to work, you might want to have a talk with your boss about your bicycle. Many places of employment don’t have a good place to park your bike. I recommend you talk about what options there are available to you. If you’re lucky you may be given permission to keep it somewhere on the property that will keep it well hidden and away from others. This will help ensure that it’s not out in the open all day long.

Another thing you could do is buy two locks for your bike. This is a strategy that you can use to keep it safe by making sure that it’s more secure. The idea here is that most riding a bike will just have one. The thief will go after the bike that is the easiest to steal. The one with two locks more often than not will be avoided as it will take too much time to get the bicycle free.

If you have an expensive brand name bike, you might want to consider covering up all the logos on it. There are bike thieves that are looking for these higher end bikes as they know the value of them. Make sure yours doesn’t stand out that much else it will be one that many will try to steal.

Talk to your local bike shop about stolen bicycles in the area to see if your bike is in a high risk location. Many people here will share stories with the employees about where their bikes were stolen. You can find out the places in town that this happens the most. When you know this, you can avoid parking your bike in these areas.

If you have a normal parking spot for your bike, mix it up a bit day to day. Someone might see your patterns and be able to know exactly how long they have to steal your bike while you are gone. If you change up the routine, it’s less likely someone will target your bicycle this way.