Five Interval Training Suggestions to Use While Riding Your Bicycle

So much has been written about interval training, and with good reason.It’s fun, doesn’t take a lot of time, and enables your heart to pump more blood to your muscles, training them to use oxygen more effectively. And all interval training really involves is a short burst of intense activity, followed by a short rest.

Generally, whatever aerobic activity – walking, jogging, running, for example – you can think of can also be adapted for interval training. But in this article, I’m going to focus on five ways to use interval training as you ride your bicycle.

1. Choose two long blocks. At the beginning of the first block, speed up by pedaling rapidly and stop at the end of the second block. Now rest. You can remain seated on your bike if you wish. Give yourself a few minutes to catch your breath and relax.

2. Find a hill locally that isn’t too long or steep. Beginning at the base of that hill, climb its length by pedaling as fast as possible until you reach the top. Then rest and give yourself time to catch your breath.

3. Find a lake in a nearby park. Pick a starting point, such as a bench near a tree. This starting point will also be your finish “line.” At your starting point, ride as fast as possible around the lake back to the place that you chose as a starting point. Then stop and rest and relax.

4. Choose a different location and again, pick a starting and ending point. You can vary the distance. Then ride as quickly as possible and stop at the place that you chose as an ending point. Then rest, as usual.

5. Choose another area that is somewhat hilly and designate a starting and ending point. Then ride your bicycle as fast as possible to the ending point and rest. You should consider this as an ultimate interval training activity and not try it until you’ve done some intervals on shorter distances. By the time you’ve reached the ultimate, which is this activity, you will acclimated yourself to high intensity rides.

Of all the aerobic exercises you can do, cycling is perhaps the easiest and most fun. You can ride alone or with a friend and have the flexibility of deciding where and how long to ride. Best of all, you will feel so much better after a few interval training rides and improve your muscle tone and lose more fat.