Choosing Your Bicycle Clothing

As revealed by a recent survey, approximately 90 million adult Americans ride a bicycle once every year, about 30 million regularly bike for recreation and an estimated of 20 million or more commute via their bicycle.

When you are riding your bicycle at least 10 kilometers or more a day, you should invest in bicycle clothing as regular clothes can be uncomfortable and painful.

Reasons you must wear bicycle clothes:

1. For comfort. Wearing bicycle clothes will give you comfort as you are riding. Bicycle clothes have undergone through thorough research into the complicated details of bicycle clothing, taking into account where not and where to put the seams and the materials used are those that draw sweat further away from the body.

2. For health. Bicycle clothing helps watch over your health, as the appropriate materials helps prevent dehydration as well as prevent saddle sores on your crotch.

3. For safety. Bicycle clothing means you are wearing the appropriate reflective gear plus other safety qualities.

Great fitting bicycle clothing is just as significant as riding a great fitting bike. Today’s bicycle clothes not just help you execute comfortably and better, but they also to allow you to move more freely.

Here are bicycle clothing necessities and tips on choosing the right kind for you:

1. Helmet. Never ride your bicycle without one. Not only they protect your head from bumps, but also supply warmth during winter and cover during the summer.

Helmet models come with 18 vents as well as special features that channels air into the helmet then around the head and finally out your back for extreme heat control.

Choose a helmet that aside from its features, has a good fit. Look for web molded foam that prevents your helmet from falling apart on impact.

2. Jersey shirts. These are shirts made of lycra and other synthetic materials, that efficiently carry sweat away from your skin.

While an ordinary or cotton shirt would quickly be soaked, it takes much effort in order to get your jersey shirt sweaty. And this is an advantage since a soaking wet cotton shirt will feel colder compared to a jersey shirt.

Note however that transport of sweat is less efficient for overly thick jerseys; so choose a jersey shirt with just the right thickness.

Look for jerseys with:

– Neck zippers for proper ventilation should your temperature increase

– “Stand-up” collar in order to seal your body heat in, during cool weather

– Convenient location of pockets

– Wider cut shoulders for “arms-forward” comfort

– Longer cut at the back

– “Form-fitting” cut to lessen flapping

– Bike Shorts. Regular shorts constrict the thighs as it expands when you are riding, resulting to thigh irritation as they chafe against your saddle.

3. Bicycle shorts actually are padded and seamless therefore very flexible.

Look for bicycle shorts with:

– Multi-panel assembly for comfort

– Lower-cut in front

– Soft, smooth saddle pad so as to reduce cushion bumps and friction

– Longer leg cut to avoid saddle chafing

4. Biking gloves. A great pair of breathable wicking gloves during cold weather is necessary.

During summer, gloves having “short-cut” fingers are a very popular choice among most bikers.

Make sure you choose biking gloves that have synthetic leather or padded palm as well as “moisture-absorbing” terry cloth intended to wipe sweat.

5. Biking socks. When biking heavily, your feet produce much perspiration and can result to cold feet during winter. During summer, feet perspiration results to blisters. To avoid these, wear polypropylene or polyester socks which efficiently draw perspiration away.

6. Biking shoes. Purchase biking shoes that are tighter fitting than your normal fit, is compatible with your bike’s pedal system as well as have a molded and thick sole.

However, do make certain that they fit not too tightly because your feet will feel numb after riding a few kilometers.

Avoid excessive shoe padding also, because they can be difficult to dry should they get wet. Velcro straps are great since can be opened and close easily and close.

Your first pedal towards attaining fitness or riding your way to any destination starts without doubt with purchasing the right bicycle clothing as this brings you more comfort so that you can have fun at the same time.