Choosing a Bicycle Chainring – Ride Your Bicycle Right

If you have been riding your bicycle for some time now then you are probably familiar with the bicycle chainring. Chainrings are the part of the bicycle, which translates the energy you inject into the pedal into the energy that makes the wheels move. A typical chainring will have up to 60 teeth in its edges, and these teeth are used to catch the links of the bicycle chain itself. If you observe, you will notice that a chainring is located at the front wheel of a bicycle, secured by another part called the spider. The spider, in turn, is connected to the crank that supports the pedal. As a result, once the pedal is turned, the motion is transferred to the spider and chainring as well.

Going classic

If you are buying a bicycle chainring for the first time and are not sure as to what kind you should buy, classic chainrings would be a good option for you. These chainrings are made up of a single ring and a hollow middle. The rim also features four boltholes so the chainring can be easily attached to the wheel. If you have a light bicycle, then this is also the recommended chainring for you.

Extra strength

If you are looking for a bicycle chainring that adds extra strength to your bike, then you should consider spoked bicycle chainrings. These Chainrings have two rings-an inner and an outer. These rings are then connected by spokes, sometimes ranging from four to five. If you are using this chainring, be sure that you fit it over accurately or it can gradually slow down your pedaling.

Solid and sturdy

Unless you are planning to use your bike for racing, disc chainrings are also something that you should consider. The disc chainring features a solid disc construction with a central hole so it can be easily fitted over the spider.