Avoid Road Rash And Ride Safely on Your Bicycle

With the growing concern about the environment, bicycles are gaining more and more popularity. A fun and inexpensive way to travel, bicycles are also one of the greenest ways to get from point A to point B. With more people on the road on their bikes, bicycle safety has become a bigger concern. People sometimes don’t realize how dangerous they can be. Bicycles are amazing contraptions, but they offer many different ways to sustain injury as well. More often than not, when someone gets hurt on their bike it’s due to inattention or just plain stupidity.

Sadly, one of the more frequent injuries is due to being struck by a vehicle while on your bicycle. Cars must give ample space to bicyclists, but sometimes people miscalculate and crowd a bike rider. Even when a bicycle lane is provided, people are still sometimes struck by cars. Typically, this is the result of the driver not being able to see the cyclist.

Intersections pose a risk for cyclists. This is a hazardous spot for bicyclists. When there is a car bicycle collision, it is most often from a vehicle in the oncoming lane making a left turn. When questioned afterward, the driver will say, “I never even saw the bike!” This is easily explained.

Compared to even a compact car, bicycles are quite small. You can usually see them very easily. But when someone is driving a car, they are usually only scanning the landscape for things that pose a danger or hazard. Bicycles are not a danger to a vehicle, so the person driving “sees” the bicycle but doesn’t process what they’ve seen. What follows is quite hazardous to the bicyclist.

Aside from cars, there are many other things that pose a threat to bicyclists. Animals are a big danger when you’re riding your bicycle. People often don’t realize this. A collision with an animal can cause the cyclist to sustain at least as much injury as if they were struck by a car. In these situations, the animal becomes spooked and darts out into the street, right into the path of the bicycle. The person riding their bike has little time to respond and correct course. Thus, they collide with the animal. Striking even a small animal while riding on a bike is like running right into a ten to twenty-five pound weight in the middle of the road. Usually the person riding the bike will sail over the handlebars and hit the ground with great force.

When you’re riding a bike, any accident or collision is dangerous. You are at risk for getting a nasty case of road rash, broken bones, or even a case of traumatic brain injury. Road rash can heal, but it may scar. Broken bones will be reset, but can leave lingering reminders. However, traumatic brain injury is not reversible. Helmets are the one thing between you and the pavement. It’s vital to protect your head at all times.